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Hello and welcome :)

This blog will follow my time working with the Young Discipes within the Diocese of Fargo North Dakota, USA!  I hope you enjoy my posts and I would really appreciate prayer for the communities we will be working with, as well as for all my fellow Young Disciples. Scroll down to select a blog day to view.

'The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation.' - Psalm 118:14

Hollie xxx

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Entry 1: The start of the adventure!   
Entry 2: Finally I met Mary E!!!   
Entry 3: Meeting the team   
Entry 4: The First day of training! Scary :o   
Entry 5: Day 2 of training :)   
Entry 6: Training overview 22-26th May   
Entry 7: Training Overview 26- 30th May   
Entry 8: Camp 1- St Stephens, Larimore   
Entry 9: Shinnanigans at Holy Spirit and on to Vally City   
Entry 10: Vally City, Camp 3   
Entry 11: LaMoure, Camp 4   
Entry 12: Kindred, Camp 5   
Entry 13: Break... Camping at Itasca Part 1 :)   
Entry 14: Break... Camping at Itasca Part 2 :)   
Entry 15: After Break... Velva, Camp 6   
Entry 16: Foxholm, Camp 7   
Entry 18: Cando , Camp 8