My Travels

The start of the adventure!

3 am came too quickly as Mum and the Doggies woke me up! It was still dark outside and really, really cold! Bear drove me to the airport and Mum came along for the ride :) After a teary goodbye I headed off alone through security and into the terminal lounge...

A light and rather expensive breakfast... £6 for that!

I then headed to my gate and borded my flight. It was very quiet so I had a set of three seats to myself. However the entertainment was not what I was expecting. Although the flight was early, we could have been earlier if a family had not accidentally left one of their children in the terminal!

When I touched down in Chicago there was no time for shopping! I was straight to the gate for my flight to Fargo, as I spent some time ensuring one flappy Scottish Gentleman did not get on the wrong tram to the terminal building.

After a short 1 hour 30 minute flight to Fargo I met Elissa, Mary's assistant who made me feel so so welcome and took me on a whistle stop tour of their HUGE Walmart Superstore to get shampoo and other girlie things :)

She then took me to Mary's house where I have been able to settle in. I have had a lovely shower, brushed my teeth and finally been able to re apply body spray I am now waiting for her to come home... Oh here goes the garage door now!

Lots of love to you all at home xxx Thank you for the support, love and prayers... Blessings, Hollie xxx

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