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Entry 1: The start of the adventure!   

Finally I met Mary E!!!

Day 2 began with breakfast made by Mary H. She cooked me up scrambled eggs with toast. As we ate we were visited by the local Rabbit who apparently eats all of Mary's garden plants. I suggested that if he ate her plants maybe she should eat him!

Mary then left for work around 8 am which gave me a few hours to relax. I had some white tea and put on my slippers,  I read a bit of my new Catechism and did a section of my Bible study of 'Women in the New Testament.' I had a chance to video call Mum and Branston and also spoke to her on the phone xx

Mary then popped home with some groceries to feed myself and the other girls staying at her house for training, She then returned to work and I made myself lunch. I sat outside and enjoyed it while relaxing in  the beautiful climate. Mary tells me it will be 30 degrees celsius on Sunday and it is set to be a hot summer... BRING IT ON!!!

A few hours later Mary E and Thomas arrived to collect me. She is so sweet in person and was so kind to collect me from Mary's house which I now realise is outside of town.

We then headed to one of Mary's past Parishes, Church of St Anthony of Padua! Such a coincidence that he features on the Rosary I have chosen to bring on my trip! We stayed for the mass and met a few of Mary's old friends aftrwards. The church had the most beautiful stained glass windows that glowed in the evening sun. The church was also decorated with fake and fresh lillies, a symbol of St Anthony of Padua.

We then went to the 'Cajiun Cafe' a local resturant that serves traditional Cajiun cuisine. We met with many of Mary's old friends from school and a couple called Ruby and Randy, who Mary was close to during her time working at the Cathedral. They were such a sweet couple and they paid for our meal before I could get my purse out!

Ruby and Randy invited us to their home for a glass of wine. Although you may be thinking that wine was the main attraction of this visit, it was not. The family also had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called McGruff! He greeted us with a cheeky grin and was a very vocal doggy. He filled up my doggy cuddle bank (sorry Marmite and Branston!) The couple were Catholic converts from the Lutheren church and their conversion story was so amazing!

At about 9:30 pm I said good night to McGruff and Mary dropped me back to Mary H's house. When I got back Emma was just settling herself in. Emma was on the teams last year and is back this year as a member of the training staff. She is really nice and we had spoken a few months back via email.

So a shower and a quick Bible study before I head to sleep. I have been so overwhelmed today by everyone's hospitality and kindness, it is a real answer to prayer! Lots of love to you all in the UK or wherever you are reading this from. A special mention to Nanny who I know will be dissapointed that I was unable to photograph McGruff :)

Good Night Everyone xxx Hollie xxx

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