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Entry 1: The start of the adventure!   
Entry 2: Finally I met Mary E!!!   

Meeting the team

So today Emma, Mary and I  had breakfast together but did not spot the bunny rabbit who usually comes on the patio... I think he might be in a pie! Emma went to begin prepairing the camp music for the week so I had a few hours before she left to chat with her.

Mary then collected me at around 11 am to take me to Mass in the Chapel at the Pastoral Centre at St Ann and Joachim church. This is where we will recieve our trainig for the next 10 days and also watch some Priest and Deacon ordinations later in the month. Before Mass I met Taylor who is on the teams and at home is a student primary school teacher. And Corey who is a member of the training staff. He is in his first year at the Seminary and is so down to earth about his faith... he will make an awesome priest someday!

After mass I also met Sarah who is on the teams and is studying early childhood education at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Pennsylvania. this university is very well known over here for being a great Catholic University. The University of Mary in Bismarck North Dakota is also well regarded. Many of the young people here attended that University. I am told that they have a great nursing programme and hope to have a fully Catholic medical school in the future.

We still had a few hours before we were all due to meet up so Mary took us back to her house for a good chat and to wait for my room mate Katie to arrive. As Taylor, Sarah and I began to get to know each other we did stuff only Catholic girls would do...EG compair pictures of our Parish churches.

Soon the door bell rang and Corey dropped off Katie. She is a Vetinary science student from a town near Dayton Ohio who is making a change in her life and is expoloring missionay work and a future within the Church.

So we spent the afternoon sat on Mary's patio enjoying the warm air and also playing a new card game called 'Trash.' We danced, sung and talked the afternoon away and before we knew it Mary arrived to take us to meet the rest of the team!!!! AAAHHHH

We arrived at the Pastoral center to the smell of pizza! Everyone arrived safely and we all began to swap names over a slice or two. We then had some team building/ icebreaker activities such as a game where we all stood in a circle with our feet apart and legs streight and we had to stop a football from going between our legs. If it did we had to sit down and be out. We also got rather intimate playing a game of musical chairs with music from the top 40 chart and Gregorian Chant (this became more difficult as it has a few pauses in the music already!)

There are 12 of us training this year, 6 girls and 6 boys...
The girls are: Me, Katie, Sarah, Mary, Taylor and T
The boys are: Kevin, Jo, Ethan, Matt, Casey and Thomas

It will not surprise you to hear that all the guys apart from one are currently going to be or are in the Seminary. While all the girls have so far discerned towards married life! In true Catholic fashion!

We headed back to Mary's excided yet exaused from the busy day. A quick Bible study before bed and then night night xxx Lots of love to you all at home xxx

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