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The First day of training! Scary :o

Today  began early with breakfast and we headed to the Pastoral centre excited for the day ahead. We had a few moments to catch up with everyone again before we had our first talk.

The first talk was by Chris, a future Seminarian and loverof charesmatic worship (AWESOME) He spoke to us about wonder and what to expect theologically from the kids. He is such a cativating speaker who all agreed did a super job of encouraging us all.

The second talk was on Catechesis by Stella, the founder of the Young Disciples. Again she was so passionate about evangelisation but really threw us in at the deep end with heavy use of the Catechism and Thological terminology... Chichester University watch out, if all the talks are like this one I will have my degree done by the end of the summer!

We then had a break where we went outside for recreaton. We have to learn and of course test all the games we plan to play at the camps. However as you can imagine 19-25 year olds playing a suped  up game of tag can become very violent! At one point I chased Mary down, tagged her and few over her back as she fell over. It has been the first time in ages that I have actually played and I loved it! Bring on the summer!

We also learnt camp songs, fun grace and a few more teaching tips for working with little ones. We were given folders with all the content of our lectures and lesson so I am so much more relaxed now as I know we are all going to be at the same level. But we have a HUGE amount to cover in the next 10 days.

Our days have a schedule and we all take on different tasks throughout the day. These are designed to help us learn what to do in the camps but also to let the training staff see who is good at what and place us in teams and roles accordingly.

As the only 'foreigner' I have been asked so many times to say different things with my 'cool' accent. Phrases and words include...

'You're a Wizard Harry' courtesy of Casey, Ethan and Chris
'A reading from the book of Leviticus.' Mostly Casey
'Aluminium' from Ethan

All is going super well. We had the opportunity to have an hour of prayer anywhere on the Pastoral Centre groungs, which are massive. I sat out on the grass looking over the fields and local Catholic School. Mary H tells me that the local sheriffs office train their dogs on the grounds. WOOF WOOF

So after a stir fry tea with all the team, Mass and Evening Prayer we have all retreated to our host homes for a well earned nights sleep. It is 10:21 pm and I am shattered! Bring on tomorrow :)

Good Night everyone. Apologies for the lack of photographs. I will try to take some to pop in tomorrow so do check back. Love to you all xxxx Hollie out!

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