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Entry 1: The start of the adventure!   
Entry 2: Finally I met Mary E!!!   
Entry 3: Meeting the team   
Entry 4: The First day of training! Scary :o   

Day 2 of training :)

The view out of my bedroom window,,, 6am

So today started with an early breakfast as we had Mass at 8:30 am and wanted to keep the 1 hour fast before hand. We then headed to the Pastoral centre for Mass. After mass we had a talk on teachin methodology and the way to help children experience and examine the Sacrament of Confession.

After a snack break we headed outside for recreation where we played a game called '7 step' the object of the game was to get from one place to another without being spotted by the spoters. If they saw you move you were out, you only have 7 free steps to get started.

The field where we play. The buildings to the right are the local Catholic Middle and High school, all on the same site

That was lots of fun and we got very sweaty and scratched by the thorn bushes we hid in! We then returned inside for a talk on the Rosary and how to make it interesting and easy for the children. With that we also learnt a few ground rules about moving kids from one space to another... If I wanted this much logistics training I would have stayed in the Navy!

We then had a break where I had the chance to chat with my lovely Mama!!  Then our 1 hour of prayer. Today I found myself pretty emotional with many different thoughts. The prayer time allowed me to open that all up to Jesus and let it all go. It was difficult but worth it to know that I am saved, forgiven and loved by Christ.

Our classroom where we have all our lectures and talks, we have to change seats everyday xx

We then had lunch and the Fun grace for the day was based on the 'Adams Family' theme song. (Mama I thought of you!) xx We then had a couple of other talks on praying with children and on the book resources that will be available to us while running camps.

The moble phone prison... oh no mine escaped! (Ethan was away running a marathon for the morning. He completed it and did very well.)

The day ended with a beautiful session of Adoration. My absoulte favorite time with God! However I seemed to start a trend and myself and a couple of my counterparts ended our crying our eyes out. I really feel that being taught how to teach children has opened us all up to seeing the great tender care God uses to teach us his children.

St Ann and Joachim church, on the site of the Pastoral centre.

After that we all headed to our host homes. Katie, Mary H and I sat on the decking and watched the sun set. A shower, prayers and of course Katie and I's nightly deep evaluation of life and then zzzzzzzzzz

Good Night everyone xxx I love you lots and lots mama xxx

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