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Training overview 22-26th May

So training has been pretty intense! Our days are 7:50 am- 8:30 pm and we are learning non stop, and when we are eating we are getting to know each other. The community here is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It has been a little overwhelming I am not going to lie. I have come to see the real value in spending time with young Catholic's my age, to fellowship, worship and support each other.

Training  has included study on Chatechesis, the teaching of the Church. This has involved heavy use of the Chatechism which is something I have never done before. It truly is a great piece of writing, however it does take time to get a feel for how it is formatted. The information I have learnt in these lessons have really expanded my view of how the Church teaches and why. It will be awesome to take these skills back to my home church.

We have also now been placed into teams and given our roles for the Summer. I am delighted to have Casey, Kevin and Terena in my team. They are all such lovely people and I am so so looking forward to getting to know them all on a deeper level. I have been given the role of teen mission leader and drama leader. This means that the teen mission nights will be my responsibility to co ordinate and lead along with getting props and roles prepaired for the 'skits' we will perform each day at camp. Terena is our team leader, Kevin with his great voice is music leader and Casey is prayer leader.

Casey and I have also begun to plan the 4th July week break trip. The plan at the moment is camping in a national park no more the 2 hours from Fargo. Many of our friends are going home for the holiday but there will be at least 4 of us who plan to stay in the area. Getting excited already!

We have had some really amazing times of praise and worship. It has been an honour to have daily mass, liturgy of the hour, pray the littany of the Saints and to start and end each activity in prayer. It really helps us to fix our hearts and minds on Jesus as we continue to learn the art of chatechesis and evangelisation. We had a music lead praise session on the evening of the 25th, it was so powerful! The room had such a spirit filled atmosphere and it was perfect for me! I have also had the chance for one of the team leaders to pray over me. It was such a humbling experience to have someone pray with me, I look forward to some day having a husband who I will be able to often share this with... It was brilliant!

My late evenings have been filled with looking over the lesson plans for our camps. Getting prep done for my duties the next day (EG camp songs or recreation) and doing my washing :) I have felt a little tired recently so I am trying to get some early nights. The positive thing about the USA is that all the snacks and drinks are packed with sugar so I am able to get a quick energy boost when I start to crumble!

It seems as though from today our training will be winding down. We have more time in our teams bonding and preping for camp and we are going as a whole group to the local ice cream shop tomorrow evening for a social. We also have mass with Bishop Falda, Bishop of Fargo Diocese tomorrow at 11:30 am so I am looking forward to that :)

Apart from being very busy I am having the most wonderful time, and I am already struggling with the idea of leaving these people once the summer is up! But I should not be as I know God has a plan for us all far beyond Young Disciples!

Lots and lots of love to everyone at home, to mama, bear, nanny, marmite and branston xxxx Signing out... Hollie xxx

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