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Training Overview 26- 30th May

It is difficult to believe that training so over. Today with the final day and tomorrow is just clean up, having the vans blessed, lunch and we are off! I am going to miss everyone who is not on my team especially Katie who I have become very close to. But my team are really lovely and I am super excited to get to know them all!


Some highlights of the past few days include...

A tornado warning was issued in our area, We were having a lecture when a Priest calmly walked into the room and informed us that their was a tornado just over the river. So we evacuated to the basement youth centre of St A & J's church. We were in there a little over an hour until we were allowed to go back to the pastoral centre. Here is a picture my friend Chris took as he decided not to take immediate shelter.

We took a social trip to the local frozen youghurt shop on the eveing of the 26th. It was the first opportunity we had all had to socialise outside of the pastoral centre and our host homes.

The car journey to the 'Tutti Fruity' shop was interesting. Myself and my team sister Tarena got a ride with Ethan and Joe. Ethan is a second year Seminarian and Joe was accepted to Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit on the 29th May. They rolled down the windows, put on their shades, pumped up the base and played Christian Rap music on full blast the whole ride. It was the funniest thing!

To think, I thought Seminarians were boring!

It was a great place to go as you get to sample as many of the flavours as you like before you buy. Casey informed me that you fill up on samples and then just buy a little of what you like! The pricing was very sneaky in there as you pay by weight not by cup size!

The designated drivers on each team went and collected the vans. There was much excitement as to what colour the vans would be and what the speakers would be like. Our van, which we have temporarily named 'The Red Ram' is so cool. We have already personalised it with a Rosary, Saints medals, St Peter and St Paul prayer cards and a blessed statue of St Therese of Lisieux.

We have been having prayer time as a team for the past few days. It has been a pleasure to spend such intimate time with my team mates. We have done streight forward prayer, to a Rosary walk. Today we did Lexio Divina followed by a mini praise and worship session laid out on the grass beside the Pastoral center... our teams little slice of Heaven on earth!

What I woke up to on Saturday morning! Beautiful North Dakota :)

We went on a city wide sacavanger hunt today. The hunt was made up of different things we had to do or find around the city, and have a picture or a video filmed of us. We were split from our usual teams, given a van and a list! I was on a team with Matt, Ethan, Katie and staff member Chris. A couple of the hilights included petting someones dog, and helping someone carry their shopping. We helped a little elderly lady called Betty, she was so adorable. She spoke with us for a while, we prayed for her Grand daughters and gave her a hug. As we left her Chris said that she had began to cry and that we had truly made her day, Another moving thing we did was pray as a group for the protection of the unborn. It was so great to see us all, different and unique young people, pray and stand together.

The whole team (Top left) All the girls (below that) The rest are of Sarah, Katie, Ethan and Joe's team xx

We also had our comissioning ceremony this evenig. We all became official Young Disciples! We were blessed on behalf of Bishop John Folda, given our crusifixes for our classrooms, a bottle of Holy Water, a blessed candle and all our prayer resources. We were also able to renew our Baptisimal vows and listen to scripture and prayers chosen and written by our training staff. We are now spritually set to hit the road!

It is difficult to believe that tomorrow night we will be at our first parish! Will post destinations and pictures on here of each camp. I miss everyone back home :( But I have fallen in love with the USA!!!

Sweet Dreams,
Hollie xxxx

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