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Camp 1- St Stephens, Larimore

So our team set off on Monday afternoon, a teary goodbye to our fellow Young Disciples (Although we were all going to meet that next saturday!) We had all been so close knit for the 10 days training, it was difficult to imagine team life without them.

St Ann and Jocahim church, located on the site of the Pastoral Centre

Our mini van, ready and decorated for the road!

When we arrived in Larimore we stopped for ice cream at 'The Drive Inn' one of the local resturants. As we ate our ice creams we realised it was time to leave, however there was a huge hail/rain storm going on. So we ran from the cafe to the car and Casey lost his ice cream in transit!

Our first stop was St Stephen's in a small agricultural town called Larimore. The town was your typical farming commuity, huge grey metal grain elevators towered over each side of the town. And a rail way track ran across the main street. You could walk from one side of Larimore to the other in around 15 minutes.

So we unpacked the van and met Laurie our contact person. She had 3 daughters who were due to be our campers! She showed us around our facilities and left us a huge amout of food and snacks for our time in Larimore. We had use of the church room its self, the offices attached to the rectory and the basement area which was kitted out as a social hall with brand new kitchen. She also informed us that Tarena and I would be staying with her Mum Rose and her Husband Bob in an old victorian home a 10 minute drive outside of town.

After a burger and fries at the 'Station cafe' Tarena and I were taken to Rose and Bob's place. They were so welcoming and chatty we felt bad telling them that we had to sleep! Rose and Bob were both widowed and enjoy living the retired life together. Rose loves to make quilts and hang out with her 'girlfriends'. She fed us snacks at every possible moment, including bannana nut muffins which were to die for! As we left her home on the final camp day Rose presented us all with a hand made quilt! She was so greatful for the company over the past few days and for teaching her Grandchildren (most of our camp was in some way related to Rose and her family!)

Rose and Bob's beautiful home!!

Camp started Tuesday afternoon. This was apparently a very starnge camp to start at as the schedules were all over the place. Camps were 2-7 instead of  the usual 8-3 along with the Priest, Fr McDermott, being a very busy man.

We had a total of 16 kids alltogether. A very small camp. I had a class of 6 8-9 year olds, while Tarena and Casey shared the 5,6 and 7 year olds and Kevin had a small class of 10-11 year olds. I will hilight a few key moments of this camp...

We had a partiularly difficult student who suffered with some mental problems. She was roudy and diffiult to handle. However I had the idea of asking her to help me set up the Rosary session. I spoke to her one on one and asked her if she would help me by keeping an eye on the younger kids and helping them out during the session. She was an absolute angel the whole time! She was gentle, kind and helpful to the little girl she sat next to, and when I praised her and told her 'I was proud of her' for what she did, she was just so chuffed!

Another lovely experience was during our PAL prayer session. At the start of each day, the classes spend 20 minutes following the PAL prayer method of, P- Praise and thank God, A- Ask God and L- Listen to God and meditate. One of my little girls asked God to help her be better. I asked her what she wanted to be better at and she said 'I need to be a better person.' Now I do not know what power posessed me at this moment but I just told her...' Destiny, you are a clever, perfectly made, beautiful daughter of God. You have been made specially, You don't need to ask God to make you better!' Although it broke my heart to see her ask God for something a child should never worry about, the tears in her eyes and the smile absolutely made up for it!

After camp each day we had a debreif with our supervisor Elissa. She was an absoulte blessing to have around for the first week, she was so helpful and loving! However we had maybe 15 minutes to chill before the admin began. I clearly remember the evening after our first camp, Casey and I were laying on the floor laughing uncontrollably for no real reason. We concluded that we are all going slowly mad! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard or for so long in my whole life!

We also do what is known as 'Contest!' This is a way that each class can earn points for behaviour  and for completing challanges such as learning prayers. The prize is to choose a Young Disciple to 'DUNK'... AKA throw many buckets of water at. Apparently they choose the person they like the most, which defys logic. But that thinking helped me as I changed out of my soggy clothing!

So friday evening came super quickly and it was time to pack up and head back to Fargo for the Ordination Masses that weekend. Kevin, a soon to be Senior Seminarian had to go ahead of us to Fargo so the three of us along with Laurie's kids packed the van and headed to Fargo. The Ordinations were stunning, a real emotional evening for us all! The choir from St Ann and Joachim's were amazing and sent chills down my spine! Two men joined the order of the Deaconate on Saturday night and three Deacons became Priests on the Sunday morning. That night I stayed at Mary H's place and got to catch up with her and Katie my room mate during training! Sadly Emma was back at home for the rest of the summer so I did not get to see her again.

Ready for the Ordinations!!!

After the masses there were meals which allowed us all time to chat and talk about our first week of camp! It was great to see our Seminarian training staff and collegues all dressed up and helping out at the Ordination Masses. We even got blessed as a team by two of the new  priests, one of whom was a former Young Disciple.

But as soon as it ended we had to get back on the road. Luckily for us our next church was still in the Fargo City limits. Holy Spirit church, one of the largest congrigations in Fargo was our next target, Last year the team had 60 campers! This year we have been assured that it will be no more than 45. Our contact person Jeff was away with his family so the boys were settled into the rectory by the three priests who live there. And the boys took us to Ann and Deacon Paul's place. They will be Tarena and I's hosts for the week, and they had previously been looking after Kevin and Casey. They are a lovely couple who really wanted us to feel at home! Deacon Paul also let me have some of his secret tea stash which was divine!

The mini Chapel in the Rectory at Holy Spirit church... It has been a great location for team prayer!

So today 06/06/16 we attened all three masses, had team and personal prayer. And had dinner at 'Buffalow Wild Wings' with Jeff who is back from his camping trip. He is such a personality and I can tell he will be a lot of fun to work with this week! Well I better get to bed as we need to be ready to handle kids by 7:30 am tomorrow morning.

Prayers, and love would be much appreciates. Love to you all at home, missing Mama, Bear, Nanny, Caroline and thoes fluffy men! xxx

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