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Entry 2: Finally I met Mary E!!!   
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Shinnanigans at Holy Spirit and on to Vally City

We were pre warned that Holy Spirit was going to be an interesting camp. The church  has a huge family congrigation and the church is situated amongst a growing housing estate. This meant that last year the team had to teach 60 kids! God blessed us with a wonderful group of 45! However 12 of them were pre Kindergardeners, not the age kids we teach. Many of them had never been to a Bible camp before, some had never even left home alone as they were homeschooled! So they were upset by the camp songs, kids shouting and screaming and being in a large group. This made for a very exausting first day!

Holy Spirit church, our refuge after a long day with the kiddies!

Day two our wonderful contact person Jeff hired for us two teenage girls who were able totake the little children away while we had lessons, camp songs and recess. Our first day was a disaster at recess with the Pre K kids getting trampled by the bigger children.

My class this week were an absolute plessure! They were well Chatechised, polite and just great. We got onto some really advanced topics such as Biblical translation and interpretation. They were never a pain and just fed off my every word. I aproached Jordan, one of my campers, Mum at the end of one day and told her how wonderful he was. They were both so made up that I felt that way and the next day Jordan told me how no body has ever said something like that about him before!

After our second day at Holy Spirit the boys (Kevin and Casey) told Tarena and I that they would handle dinner! So Tarena and I took an hour to chill in the rectory, catch up and go on Facebook. The boys then invited us into the dining room, whos door they had been guarding like pit bulls! They had cooked us up a mexican banquet! Natchos, mexican minced meat, salsa and a salad And to top it all off KickStart, an energy drink in wine glasses! They were so cute, they put on music and we spent the dinner getting to know each other a little further. It was such a great suprise!

As Holy Spirit week came to a close, Tarena headed off to her Brother's wedding in Grand Forks. This meant that friday afternoon was just me and the boys with 45 kids! The worst day for Ashley the new Young Disciples co-ordinator to visit... and she did! It was horrific just awful, the kids were the typical friday afternoon wildness, plus us being down a pair of hands we were just a mess! However it is important to note that Ashley did leave with a smile on her face so I suppose we did okay considering. :)

The day ended in the 'Dunking' My angelic class won the contest and chose to dunk Casey. So as the poured cold water jugs over his head, Jeff has snuck onto the roof and poured 3 huge buckets of water over the kids! It was a blast! However one of the pre K tots got caught up in the festivities and was handed back to her mother sobbing and dripping wet!

Friday night the boys and I took a trip to the big cinema in Fargo to see the new X Men movie. It was an adventure, I had my first large cinema drink and it was LARGE! We then rolled into bed ready to travel on to Vally City and meet Tarena.

Sorry about the lack of pictures for this week. It was so hectic! Lots of love to all at home xxx Mama and Nanny who I have managed to speak to. And the big Bear also xxx

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