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Entry 2: Finally I met Mary E!!!   
Entry 3: Meeting the team   
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Entry 9: Shinnanigans at Holy Spirit and on to Vally City   

Vally City, Camp 3

We arrived in Vally City and it is a beautiful town. Semi rural and it has such a community feel, the Catholics and Lutherens alike. My first host family for the Saturday night were Gale and Larry. They live in a beautiful white farm house and they are the nicest people I have met on my travels so far. I was made to feel so welcome, they fed and watered me and Gale and I talked until the early hours! I was sad to be leaving them, but I was told that my next host Mum Julie was a gem! Gale visited me later in the camp week with a book she thought I would like and a beautiful picture of St Anne who she said I should pray to!

That evening we settled into the school are we were going to use for camp. We had the use of  4 classrooms, the gym with a stage including fully functioning red curtains! And a little chapel in the school.

My Classroom xx

Sunday morning we attened all the Masses at St Catherine's and Tarena joined us just before the start of the Teen Mission. This was our first and Monsegnor kindly made us a BBQ dinner, he is a real entertainer and loves cooking! We had three girls anlong which was a bit of a shame, but they were great and it was nice to fellowship with them. We then had adoration and confession with them. Casey and I led a really awesome meditation for them. It is called 'I thirst' inspired by Blessed Mother Tharesa.

We then arrived at our host home for the rest of the week. Julie is so lovely. She is so kind and considerate, she makes us the most awesome breakfasts! In fact she is making waffles and bacon as I type this blog... yum yum!

The Halgrimson family dog Ace

That Sunday night Julie offered us use of the family's new hot tub! Yes please, Tarena and I were in before Julie could blink. We all sat in the tub watching the stars emarge from the rosey sunset.... Beautiful, I might not leave!

Camp started monday morning 08:30 am and it was a relief to only have a group of 20 ish kids. |The camp is much easier to control and you get mre one on one time with each child. Again my class was amazing. They were less well Catechised than my last class but bundles of joy all the same. I realise it is a huge skill to be able to adapt the resources and information to fit the maturity, knoweldge and skills of the kids. Also to find out in the space of a few hours how the kids learn best and have fun and then change your teaching style to suit that. Caroline and Co I salute you!

My Crazy class requested a selfie!

Monday evening Raberta and Bob hosted us for dinner, with a twist! They took us to Lake Ashtabula where Bob's parents have a cabin and a pontoon boat. We ate a BBQ sandwich dinner at the cabin and then took off on the pontoon for a nigh of fun!

They had a paddle board that Kevin had a go on and a tube which they pull behind the pontoon. Raberta said that it was the most perfect day this year to goout on the lake. The water was cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough to be enjoyable. Tubing was awesome, and Casey and I tag teamed the whole event staying on for a good 20mins, while Kevin and Tarena managed to flip their tube twice. We ended our time on the tube by letting go simmultaniously and scaring Bob the driver! We also got out to swim and have a cannon ball competition off the back of the pontoon! We got off the late at around 9:30 pm and had a late night snack at the cabin before heading back to our host home. It was a night I will remember forever!

The rest of the camp week was a dream! The kids were very very well behaved and my class really grew in spontanious prayer and our last lesson ended with an icecream party. My class won the contest and decided to dunk Tarena, she is now not a Dunking virgin!

Kevin and I packed the van Friday evening after camp as a surprise for Tarena and Casey and we chilled that evening with a drive around town and a dip in Julies hot tub with the team and Deacon Paul.

It was sad to leave Julie and her lovely family but the show must go on! LaMoure here we come! Everyone has come over kinda poorly this weekend so fingers crossed we can all pull through! Holy Spirit come...

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