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Entry 2: Finally I met Mary E!!!   
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Entry 10: Vally City, Camp 3   

LaMoure, Camp 4

We had a final look around Vally City before our hour drive to LaMoure. It was Community Day in Vally City and there were all sorts of fun activities in town on the main street. A DJ, old cars and Emergency service vehicles lined the streets. Mum you would have loved it!

We also visited the Barnes County Museum in town. It had all the High School leavers photos all the way back to the 1950's, replica dinosoar bones and a pedal piano which we enjoyed playing, dancing and listening to.

Off to LaMoure and we were greeted by Suzie our contact lady and Kevin and Casey's Host Mum for the week. She is a Mum of 6 and homeschoools them all. Her and her husband Eric live and work on a farm 15 mins outside of town.

The church we are working at is called Holy Rosary. It is a new building, only 3 years old as the old building was burnt down. The church met for many years in the social hall as they raised funds for their new building. Their church reminds me of home! A very similar colour scheme to Sacred Heart!

The Parish Priest is Father Jerome. He is a really inteligent men! His homilies are amazing and he did such a good job during the camp week explaining the heavy scripture (often from the Books of Kings!)

Tarena and I were staying with Shelia and Larry Hanson. She reminded me of my Mum with her spikey hair! They both made us feel very welcome and made us pancakes for breakfast on our last day in LaMoure.

They also had a doggy called Rosie, she is a terrier the same as Toto from The Wizard of Oz! Shelia and Larry's Daughter's dog Lola also visited for the last few days. My doggy cuddle bank is all filled up!

Our camp week in LaMoure was great. At most we had 23 kids and we were really able to give our all to our small classes. Mine was at most 7 kids. I am not going to lie, I found this week quite difficult. With us all recovering from illness and the facilities being smaller than we are used to emotions are running high and patience low. But we have been able to grow so much through the struggles as a team and it makes time outside the stressful camp day bliss!

Casey and I bought some funky watches in our down time!

After camp relaxation with my Sister Tarena

We had 2 teen mission night which I am team leader of. We had 4 teens each night who seemed to enjoy the night, mostly because of the abundance of food and icecream! But we had adoration and prayer with them and were able to pray for the teens.

On our final day in LaMoure Suzie invited us out to the farm for lunch and a tour. They have hogs, sheep, chickens, fields of corn, beans and wheat. And a beautiful fruit and veg patch which had fresh strawberries and raspberries. Tarena lost a bet and had to catch a chicken! The kids helped her perfect her technique and she did it!

The drive to our next camp in Kindred is about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Luckily it is my week to choose the music so the drive should not feel too long!

Missing everyone at home xxx Lots of love xxx

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