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Kindred, Camp 5

The drive to Kindred was through miles and miles of corn fields. With TobyMac playing on the radio the trip was a pleasant break from the busy week. Kindred was going to be a special camp for a few reasons. Firstly we were all staying in the same host home which means that we get more time as a team! Secondly this camp has been taking place in Kindred almost since the birth of the Young Disciples Ministry 15 years ago! So Kevin had already visited this Parish and was excited to see the kids again. Finally it was Father Goodwin's first week as Pastor at St Mourice's parish, we had preciously met Father Goodwin as he works in the Pastoral Centre.

My phone got stolen by this funny pair!

St Maurice's Church

Our host Mum and Dad for the week were Deacon Clarence Vetter and Betty. They are such an adorable couple who were very excited to have us staying with them. Deacon Vetter is working at St Maurice's so we were able to see him and Betty all week at Daily Mass. They have a beautiful home which backs onto a small river. Deacon Vetter has lots and lots of motor vehicles. He restores cars and sells them in his free time!

Tarena and Kevin exploring the Vetter's garden xx

We could not resist the chance to take a ride on Deacon Vetter's 'Gator' xx

The camp was small with only 16 Campers. But quality not quantity was evident at this camp. The Kids behaviour was faultless and they were well chatechised and ready to learn. Large group time was fun and enjoyable while classroom time was constant laughter and discussion. One of our more 'energetic' campers approached me after our Rosary session one day and told me how he really enjoyed Rosary. It was such a suprise to me as he was the last child I would have imagined to enjoy the Rosary. My class had a pair of twins who were so sweet. Danica and Xander were so helpful with the younger kids and had such a wonderful relationship. One of our older kids Jack had a plan in place to be President of the USA in 2043! He was such a great young man it would not suprise me to see him on TV someday!

My crazy class xx

Our contact lady Judy was a blessing. She made us lunch, sorted the kids snacks and even organised with the kids gifts for us. On our last day the children marched up to us in their classes singing a song called 'Young Disciples we love you' carrying a home made prayer blanket for each of us which they had chosen especially. They also wrote us cards and chose us prayer cards. So cute!

We came across a costume box at the church so we decided one evening in our down time to take a rather interesting walk around town. As Kindred has a population of under 700 it was great to wave to the farmers on their way home from the fields. We also met a little girl at a play park who was very interested in where I was Princess of in England!

As Kindred is only 30 minutes drive from Fargo we decided to go into the City for the evening and visit Thunder Road. A family entertainment park with Mini Golf, Go Karts and Lazer Tag!!! We vented lots of energy in the Lazer Tag running around silly! I also enjoyed the Go Karts as they reminded me of driving my little car at home! Hahaha xxxx

Overall Kindred was probably one of my favorite camps. I really felt the Lord carrying me this week as I am starting to feel a little worn out. Thank goodness it is break next week, if I have to hear one more camp song the MP3 player is going to get it!

No doggies at this host home so I am doggy deprived once again! Missing everyone at home xxx Lots of love to Nanny, Grandad Marriott, Auntie Lizzie and Mama and Bear xxx

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