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Break... Camping at Itasca Part 1 :)

Break began back at Mary Hanbury's place. It is the closest I come to home over here in North Dakota. She was excited to have me back and had lots of things to tell me. I was able to see Katie again and I was so so so pleased to see her! I missed her so much and it was great to know that I had a whole week to catch up and be with her!

Mary made us divine red white and blue waffles for the 4th July weekend! YUMMMMM

We spentour first few days in Fargo prepairing for the camping trip. We bought food and drinks and also visited Holy Family Catholic bookstore for some essential campfire reading! We were also able to spend time with Vlod a friend of Casey's. He was such a lovely guy, a true gentelman. He has just finished his time working for NET USA (National Evangelisation Teams) and he had lots of awesome storys to tell. We were also able to meet up with Chris one of our training staff. He is also an amazing man, a Seminarian and he just has such a kind nature! We went for dinner at Applebees and then went to the Cinema to see Finding Dory. The film was great but what made it better was the fact that the cinema seats were leather recliners made for the American 'build' so I had plenty of room to curl up and enjoy the film.

Mary also took us to a lake which she part owns with a few members of her church community. The Lake is called Lake 10 and it was a bring and share event with many Priests and Deacons present. Sadly there was a rather long line for the Kareoke booth so I gave Taylor my spot and she sung Taylor Swift's Shake it off...

Taylor and I at the lake xx

After two comfortable nights in a bed it was time to head to Itasca. We bid Vlod farewell back to Grand Forks and we set off on our 3 hour drive to Itasca State Park. The van was packed full, so much that Katie has to sit on the floor for the final 20 mins as we collected Matt on route and we did not all fit!

We arrived at Itasca and set up camp. The boys and girls tents were a good size and luckily for me the campsite provided many many doggies for me to harass!

We took a drive around the park and visited the Missisippi Headwaters. This is where the great river begins and we were able to paddle down the small stream that feeds into the river. It was a really cool place with lots to look at.

The Catholic Crew heading to the Headwaters! xx

The start of our little walk to the river head xx

Koala Matt... yes Ladies and Gentelmen... A future Priest xxx

Matt walking across the Headwaters. I followed him, with my phone safely on the bank with Taylor xx

That night after a Burger cooked on the fire for our suppper we headed back to the State of North Dakota to welcome the 4th July with fireworks xx

The next day we took a hike along lake Itasca. We walked on a beautiful trail on which we could always see the lake. At the end there was a small pontoon that we sat for a while and had a break on before heading to our final destination.

The beginning of the trail xx

The pontoon 2 hours later xx Beautiful xx

Our final port of call was a lookout tower. It was previously used as a forest fire lookout tower but now it is just used by tourists to enjoy the Sate Park. It was quite a walk up to the top!

Scary steps!

Katie and I on our way down xx

Camp that night was relaxing! We all took our showers, put on warm clothes and had some smores. I also tried to make a cup of tea with my makeshift kettle xxx

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