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Entry 13: Break... Camping at Itasca Part 1 :)   

Break... Camping at Itasca Part 2 :)

On our second evening we drove back to the pontoon we sat on while on our hike. We all talked and looked at the stars. I could not get a picture but it would not have done it justice anyways... It was stunning, the stars were so clear and we could see them reflecting in the still lake. It was a special moment together for all of us.

The next day we woke up late due to our 3 am bedtime... whoops! And we went and rented a conoe and some kyaks.  We went out on the lake for a few hours and had boat races. I really hope Chichester University has a Kyaking club as I would love to do it some more! Sadly I did not take my phone on this adventure so no pictures I am afriad.

That night we drove into the wilderness to let off our final few fireworks and have a dance party. Ethan and Casey taught us to Swing dance and we spent hours on a dirt road in the middle of a field dancing to 1950's music. We may or may not have seen the sun come up that morning as we drove back to our tent.

Our final day in Itasca was a soggy one! We were rained out of our tents so we took the van and went to Park Rapids a local town. There we found a Mini golf and Go Kart park called Evergreen Leasure park. So we spent a few hours there until a big thunder storm rolled in! So took refuge in a Catholic Church in Park Rapids before heading to a Tractor themed diner for supper.  Steak and mash potatoes was the special so obviously I took full advantage!

Friday morning we packed up the tent and tided up the campsite. We found several rubbish bags that Racoons had stolen and ripped up in the forest... The rubbish looked awfully familiar :/ There were so many times in this trip that I have been able to truly fellowship with Catholics my age and it has been a blessing! I am not looking forward to going home and not having the same kind of fellowship. But God has a plan for me in my church and in my area to help our youth to feel part of the Church. So that is very exciting!

Packing the van was a bit of a squeeze! Poor Taylor was sitting between our tent and some dirty clothes!

HELP!!!! xx

So we headed back to Fargo with mixed emotions for the next 3 weeks. We have been told it will fly by so I am really trying to live in the moment. But I can't help but feel excited for the next part of my adventure beyond Young Disciples. We have 2 days of extra training in the Pastoral Centre before we head out on the road to our next camp in Velva. It will be great to see all the other teams, get some tips from them for the coming weeks and to see how they have been getting on so far.

Prayers would be much appreciated for morale and general team spirits as we get back into the swing of things. Happy BIG Birthday Grandad Marriott. I am so glad I got to speak to you on your special day! Love you lots and lots Grandpop!

Blessings xxx

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