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After Break... Velva, Camp 6

After we packed away our camping gear, washed our clothes and took a good nights rest in a real bed it was time to hit the road for our final 3 weeks! Our next stop was a town called Velva. On our 4 hour journey there we visited the Jamestown Frontier where they have a large herd of Bison and the worlds largest Bison statue. The Frontier town also had a stuffed animal exhibition and a baby Bison to view. The town was also home to the illusive albino bison, however it appears he was 'on holiday.'

The herd

Trust us to find a church! Haha

I found Branston!

We arrived at St Cicilia's ready to go! We met Father Peter Sharpe our priest and contact person for the week. Now I am going to be honest here, I have never connected so well with a priest! He had such a passion for the kids and for his small community. As an ex Young Disciples he truly understood us so it was great to talk with him and spend time with him.

This is possibly my favorite church yet! So beautiful! It was supprisingly built in the late 1950's. As Father Sharpe said, "With that era it was either going to be awful or something special."

Our first sunday in Velva meant a visit to the Mission parish... for the life of me I can't remember what the church was called but for a church in a town of under 100 people it was very pretty.

The camp week was to be interesting. Father Sharpe told us that we would likely have kids in and out of camp due to summer commitments such as other sports camps, home schooling programmes or work on the farms. The camp started out slow... with maybe 12 kids the first day leaving Casey and I without classes. By the end of the week however we had 17 kids coming on average and they seemed to love it! We sold a record 5 T-shirts at our potluck and had a really lovely evening with the kids playing out in the sun with them!

Some of my class from Velva Camp :)

We had an awesome teen mission night! We had 9 teens attend which is our biggest yet. We had a talk and pizza with them followed by confession and adoration. The Holy Spirit was so present that night, you could have cut it with a knife! It was such a pleasure to offer and pray with the young people. It is so clear that teens need that spiritual support and connection. It was so powerful for them! There were some tears, some laughs and some great praise and worship. Overall our best teen mission night so far!

The moody pictures of the church at the beginning of this entry are from the teen mission night.

Father Peter Sharpe had some really cool activities planned for us. It was clear he wanted to take advantage of the company :) On the weekend we arrived in Velva He took us to one of his parishoner's lake house for a boatride, swim and a ride on a paddle board. Luckily this time I remembered my phone so you have lots and lots of photographs!

Father even got in for a dip!

He also organised for us to go to the Minot State University summer production of Oaklahoma. The production was so well done and it was a really funny show! Father Sharpe truly spoilt us that evening, with a subway and pop corn at the show, followed by a midnight visit to a cafe for pie and some hardcore people watching!

Velva is a really pretty, quaint town so Tarena and I had some lovely walks after camp enjoying the country sunsets!

Our next stop is Foxhom. Our second to last camp ;'( Missing everyone at home but having the best time here. Doing the Lord's will is the way to go!

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