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Foxholm, Camp 7

We departed a very rainy Velva, sad to be leaving Father Peter. It was a 20 minute drive to St Mary's church Foxholm.

St Mary's is a very unusual church, built in the early 1920's. This week we are all staying in the rectory. This church has not had a perminant priest for over 20 years so the rectory was well cleaned by many church members before we arrived. Due to its abandoned nature the rectory also has rural water meaning it is well sourced and not reccomended for drinking. The water is also rusty due to the fact that the building has not been regularly used for many years. However the church members have done a fantastic job at getting this place livable for us and we are more than comfortable!

The classrooms are also older so have a slightly creepy feel to them! The kids here are very country, more so than last week. Everyone lives on a farm, cattle and seed farms are the most popular in this area. The kids are very chatty and good fun to talk with, but their knowledge of the faith is quite poor. Mostlikely this is due to the fact they do not have a perminant Priest. The connection I have made with some of these kids has been more of a motherly connection than a teacher. Tarena has also felt the same. So this camp is very interesting.

However they are cool and functional so perfect as we currently have a heatwave here!

Our teen night this week was really good. We only had 4 teens however that is a good turn out for such a small town. I planned it around the theme of trust, so the teens and Kevin haha had to go on a walk around the church grounds blindfolded in a line being led by the person in the front who could see. One of the Mums bought us the makings of Bananna Splits so we had that and then Kevin did a talk on trust and his journey to the Seminary. Finally we ended the night with Adoration and Confession. It was another spiritually powerful night with us praying with a couple of the teens.

We found a little fluffy friend in town. He is in my suitcase to bring back for Uncle Fred! xx

One evening we played hide and seek in the church and rectory area. This selfie was taken because we had been hiding for over 20 mins! This really shows how rambling this place really is.

The scenery here is mighty pretty :)

Tonight is our final camp day in Foxhom and we are treating ourselves to a trip to the Minot North Dakota State Fair! I will do a separate post on that adventure!

Lots of love and hugs xxx

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"No place in our suitcase for a moggy xx" - Mum

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