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Friday evenings we always plan to have fun. We have been to films, eaten icecream and even explored towns.But this Friday beats all fridays. This friday we saw a Fall Out Boy concert! AND attended the North Dakota State Fair.

They had animal exhibitions with entries from ranches and the childrens hobby club the 4H club. There were chickens, goats, pigs, sheep and cows. However the owners didn't like us taking photographs in the exhibition halls. But there were some beautiful cows with fluffy ears and some very cute goats in cooling coats that looked like dogs!

After a walk around the exibitions we headed to the arena to get stage side spots for the concert. To our suprise the concert was not packed and we got great spots bearing in mind we only arrived an hour early. The warm up act were called Secret Weapons, they were amazing live however their music in studio is flat and boring, fingers crossed they bring out a live album!

Fall Out Boy were extraordinary! They were such great performers and did some new and some classic songs. They even did a cover of Michael Jacksons Beat it! Needless to say I was sweaty, sore and had a few unknown bruises after the concert ended! It was Kevins first concert and he loved every minute of it.

When the concert came to a sad end we headed to the fair rides! To start us off we took a little ride on the ferris wheel. Even Nanny would have given it a go!

The ride even had a dog!

I then bought a few more tickets and took a ride on a ride that looked like little mini space ships. It spun a lot faster than I expected. Tarena and I got on for free as I quote the man said 'Pretty ladies get on for free!' He was obviously looking at Tarena!

So to use up our tickets we chose the next most tame looking ride the Toboggan. It was fun but a little sketchy! The operator looked like he was asleep and the ride creeked and shook! After one ride Tarena and I were more than ready to depart. However the operator clearly was asleep as we went around twice. At least it satisfied my value money gene!

After finally getting rid of our tickets we got some snacks from the over priced fast fried food stalls. The calories I burnt off dancing in the concert were put streight back on with hot chocolate,mini doughnuts and corndogs!

We arrived back at the rectory at around 2:30 am. You will not be shocked that we woke up at around 11 am the next morning, sore and dehydrated.

We packed up the van and said a final goodbye to St Mary's. Next stop Cando!

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Entry 18: Cando , Camp 8