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Cando , Camp 8

I have to say we were all pleased to be leaving Foxholm. Although we had a good camp we all had slight cabin fever from the rural location of the church and rectory. On to our final camp Cando, a 2 hour drive from Foxholm.

We had the monday free due to the fact we only had a 4 day camp in Cando so we were reccomended to try and visit the St Gianna Home in Warsaw North Dakota. This refuge is a home to 7 young women who have no where elseto stay due to unplanned pregnancy, The home provides the young women (some as young as 13) with education, a stable home environment, counciling, and support throughout their pregnancy in areas such as parenting, healthcare and adoption applications. The home has 4  'House mothers' who are women who care for the young women and live at the home.

We were very luck to be able to  view the home as it is by appointment only. We called ahead and the governor member who answered had close connections to Young Disciples. Her granddaughter was Ashley's Goddaughter! So she was very excited to see us!  

The home is named after St Gianna a St from the 1960's. She famously refused to abort her fourth child to save her own life. She died in 1962 and was canonized in 2004. The home has a great connection with her family and early this year were able to display some 1st and 2nd class relics of St Gianna. These include her hair, a piece of her 'Honeymoon suit', a suit she wore regularly, and a scarf. The shrine and Chapel are situated in the center of the home on the ground floor.

The home was an old Catholic boarding school that was abandoned and then renovated 15 years ago.

The Chapel also has a shrine to St Gerard, a Saint attributed to helping women who have difficult pregnancies. The shrine was made out of an abandoned throne from a local Cathedral. The carpinter who made it is a gentleman who supports the Gianna home, He still does much of the landscaping for the home and w were fortunate enough to meet him.

The home had lots of facilities. Women who come to the home are often able to bring any existing children with them. Mary Pat, the lady who started the home, lives above the garage.

Opposite the home is St. Stanislaus church, it was a real slice of Europe! We had a tour from Irene an employee/volunteer of the church who has spent her latter days making people feel welcome as they pass through. She was elated to have her first English person on a tour and gave me her address to send her a letter from England. She reminded me of a certain Patrick Marriott.

The church was packed with images, statues and trinkets. Irene told us that the church was slowly added to by Polish and German farmers who had settled in the area and wanted a little piece of home at  church!

The pulpit... very unusual xx

The church has recieved some external damage from the recent storms. They had lost part of the steeple, some protective glass that covers the stained glass, and a tree had been uprooted!

Father Moen who we met at Holy Spirit in Fargo is the new priest here. It is such as shame that this is a mission church. Meaning he only does services here on Sundays and holy days.

Tuesday we were streight into camp! Our camp this week was 1-7 so it was nice to get a bit of a sleep in and to talk on the phone to Mama and Bear. We were expecting 15 campers and were pleasantly suprised with 27! My class was the biggest at 11 but the kids were good as gold and seemed to have an awesome time. We had enough time to have some 'Living Life Holy' sessions where we dressed a few of the girls up like Nuns and Sisters!

We also had a two teen nights this week. We did one on the theme of conversion where Casey shared his conversion story. And the other was on Gods call, where Kevin and I spoke about how God has called us in life. I really felt the Holy Spirit working through me this week, helping me say what needed to be said and to impact the teens. On the second night we took the teens on a blindfolded 'trust walk.' Apart from the bugs they enjoyed it!

I think Tarena is having too much fun!

We were very blessed this week in so many ways. Firstly our host family, The Belzers are wonderful. Heather and Paul are such a great parents and hosts! And their 6 children are all good fun and well behaved. Secondly Father Dan Musgrave has been one of the best priests we have had this summer! He has looked after us, made us  laugh even in the confessional. And he was so passionate about Young Disciples as he was also one back when he was at Seminary. He encouraged us to have fun, and enjoy our final week. Finally the church was beautiful. We were able to view some old photographs of the church and I wish they had not changed it. But it has such a great atmosphere it was a pleasure to work and pray in!

On Friday evening we had a very busy potluck! We sold a T shirt to almost every camper! The Belzers then treated us to a trip to the Cando Audotorium to see 'The secret life of pets' film. The Audotorium has recently celebrated its 100th birthday with it doubling up as a venue for town plays. It was such a cute and funny film I recommend it to anyone who needs a laugh and a cry. It was a lovely way to end the week.

Tarena and two of the Belzer kids, John and Bernadette. xxx

Tomorrow we head off bright and early to Fargo. A 3 hour drive awaits us and a camping trip to end the summer. It have real mixed feelings about the end of Young Disciples, however it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel changed in so many ways and so much more steadfast in my faith and God's plan for my life. I have met some people who I will hold dear for the rest of my life and have met some true role models! Next step Young Disciples UK!!!!

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"Hollie!!!!! I never saw space for comments before!! Ahhhh, so sorry, I\'d of been messaging like mad if I knew!! I\'ve missed you so much, been praying for you so much & can\'t wait to hug you so much!!!!!!! See you soon, enjoy your hols with mumma & Ian! Love you xxxxxxxx" - Jo Austin

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